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Our products and services are purchased by corporations and organisations throughout Europe. Below is a list of some companies who we have served over our many years providing them with high quality Business Services.

Beijer Electronics (Sweden)
Beijer Electronics (Germany)
Bilfinger+Berger (Germany)
CSC (Ukraine)
CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association-Europe)
European Energy Centre (UK)
Fortetion/Intellution (UK)
GTS (Turkey)
König + Hartmann (Netherlands)
Mitsubishi Electric Europe
• Factory Automation
• EVS products
• European Development Centre
• Strategic Planning Group
Mitsubishi Electric (UK)
• Automation Systems
MPL (Poland)
Philips lighting (Netherlands)
Pleon/Kothes Klewes (Germany)
Symantec (Germany)
Vodafone Global (Germany)

We have also worked with the following companies as well as many more to provide Technical PR for clients:

Airbus (UK)
Baxters Healthcare (UK)
British waterways (UK)
Eurostar (UK)
Gallaghers (UK)
Isle of Man Government
Krones (Germany)
Milklink (UK)
Nissan Motors (UK)
Rangers Football Club (UK)
States of Jersey
Swedish Match (Netherlands)